Do I need to register as a VIP Member for online ticketing?

No, you may register as a FREE Regular Member or purchase tickets as Guest online; while Emperor Cinemas VIP member can enjoy online ticketing offers. For details, please visit Emperor Cinemas website and mobile app.

Do I need to pay service fee for online ticketing?

No, you can enjoy online service fee waiver for online ticketing. 

If the discounted price of ticket consists decimal, how much should I pay?

The discounted price of ticket will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. For example, you have to pay HK$86 if the discounted price is HK$85.2.

Is it safe to use my credit card for online ticketing at Emperor Cinemas website or mobile app?

Emperor Cinemas website or mobile app online ticketing incorporate SSL security, an industry standard technology that is recognized as the best software available today for conducting secure commerce transactions over the internet, so it is safe to pay with your credit card online.

What payment means do you accept for online ticketing?

We accept VISA Credit Card, Master Credit Card and UnionPay Credit Card for website ticketing; or VISA Credit Card, Master Credit Card, UnionPay Credit Card, Apple Pay and Android Pay for mobile app ticketing.

How many tickets can I purchase per online transaction?

You can purchase a maximum of 8 tickets for consecutive seats on the same row per transaction.

How can I purchase tickets?

You may purchase tickets via Emperor Cinemas website, mobile app, concierge and kiosk; ticketing will be terminated 15 minutes before show starts for Emperor Cinemas website and mobile app; or 30 minutes after show starts for Emperor Cinemas concierge and kiosk.

When will advance ticketing start usually?

Normally, 3 days advance ticketing for online ticketing (i.e. ticketing show of today, tomorrow and the date after).

Can I purchase “wheelchair seats” online?

To reserve “wheelchair seats”, please email to enquiry@emperorcinemas.com or call 2522 2996 for reservation at least 24 hours in advance and please purchase your tickets at cinema concierge at least 30 minutes before show starts. 

How can I confirm my online transaction or check my purchase record?

You will receive a transaction confirmation email after online ticketing. If you are Emperor Cinemas VIP or FREE Regular Member, you may login your account to check the purchase record at “Check Records” column. If you are not yet our member, you may click the “Purchase Record” icon at Emperor Cinemas website or mobile app, provide the same email address of this transaction, the last purchase record will be sent to that email address shortly.

How can I get my tickets after online ticketing?

E-ticket will be sent to your email address and member account (if applicable) after online ticketing, NO print-out needed; or you may print your tickets with credit card of your transaction at cinema kiosk.

How can I admit with e-ticket?

One single e-ticket will be issued for each transaction. Scan your QR Code at the house entrance for group admission. In case of separated group admission, please forward the e-ticket to your companion for entry and inform the service ambassador of your separated group size.

I have purchased food and beverage online, how can I collect them?

You may visit concession counter and scan your ticket / e-ticket at pick-up counter on show day, your food is ready for collection when your order number is on screen, then present your ticket/e-ticket to collect your order. If you have purchased The Coronet ticket, just simply scan ticket / e-ticket QR Code at the entrance of The Coronet directly for admission, food order will be served at your seat.

Do I need to bring my own 3D glasses to watch 3D movies?

You can bring your own 3D glasses or purchase at cinema concierge.

What do movie film ratings mean?

The Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority requires all films for public exhibition to be classified. There are five standard classifications which may sometimes have a cautionary note attached. Category I – is suitable for all ages; Category IIA – is not suitable for children; Category IIB – is not suitable for young persons and children; Category III – is for persons aged 18 and above only. A valid Proof of Age* is required for verification before admission to cinema houses showing Category III movies.

(* Proof of Age includes Hong Kong Identity Card, Senior Citizen Card, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents and Passport.)

What should I do with my tickets if a Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above and Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted?

Emperor Cinemas remains open during Typhoon Signal No. 8 and Black Rainstorm Warning. If you cannot attend the show by reason of such typhoon signal or rainstorm warning, please bring your tickets to associated Emperor Cinemas concierge for exchange of tickets of the same movie (subject to availability) within 7 days after the date of that show. No refund is accepted. Emperor Cinemas reserves right to exchange tickets of another movie. This arrangement is not applicable to house booking.

How can I register as VIP member?

You may register as VIP Member at Emperor Cinemas concierge, official website or mobile app.

How much is the Emperor Cinemas VIP Membership annual registration fee?

Emperor Cinemas VIP Membership annual registration fee is HK$150 and valid for 1 year starting from the day of registration.

I am an Emperor Cinemas FREE Regular Member; how can I upgrade as VIP member?

To upgrade as Emperor Cinemas VIP Member, you may login to your FREE Regular Member account via Emperor Cinemas website or mobile app, click “Be our VIP Member” on “profile page” and provide required information, follow the steps to verify your mobile number and pay online.

How to view and use available e-Coupon(s) in my VIP membership account?

Log in your member account at website or mobile app, then click the icon on the top left corner to open membership menu bar. Select "e-Wallet" to view available e-Coupon in your account;


You may use the "HK$20 Ticket Discount Coupon" via following channels during the valid period:

  • Select designated e-coupon under "Offer" during online ticketing at website / mobile app / kiosk; or
  • Present this e-coupon on mobile to service ambassador at box office and mention the use of this e-coupon

When will I receive the complimentary birthday coupon?

Complimentary coupon will be credited to your e-membership account 30 days before your birthday and valid for 60 days. If you register as VIP member within 30 days before birthday, the coupon will be credited to your e-membership account on the next day. 

How can I redeem the birthday concession e-coupon after received it?

You may redeem birthday concession e-coupon via following channels during valid period:


  • Present the coupon to service ambassador at concession counter; or

  • Present the coupon to service ambassador at VIP House (the CORONET) after admission.

How can I earn extra Tokens from the “Member Referral Program”?

You may earn extra 15 Tokens for every successful referral of Emperor Cinemas VIP Member. The referred new member must provide your valid membership number and name. You may earn a maximum of 90 Tokens per membership year.

How can I earn Tokens and use Tokens to redeem offer(s)?

You can present the e-membership card at the box office or login VIP e-membership account via website, mobile app or ticketing kiosk to earn 5 Tokens per each ticket purchase; or present the e-membership card at Emperor Cinemas concession counter to earn 1 Token per HK$10 spent on the concession.


You may redeem 2D or 3D ticket buy 1 get 1 free offer with 60 Tokens at box office (offer is applicable for the shows on Monday to Sunday at Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan; the shows on Monday to Wednesday at Entertainment Building); or redeem HK$25 concession discount with 40 Tokens directly at concession counter, please present your e-membership card to our service ambassador before payment.

How can I be informed for priority advance ticketing for movie?

You will receive member promotional email / SMS / app push notification, or you may visit Emperor Cinemas website and mobile app anytime for details if priority advance ticketing applies to any movies.

Will I receive membership card after Emperor Cinemas VIP Membership registration?

You will receive an e-membership account after membership registration, login your account via Emperor Cinemas website or mobile app to use e-membership card, manage e-ticket and e-coupon, check transaction record, receive promotions and reward offers etc. If you would like to have a physical membership card, please visit Emperor Cinemas concierge for card issuance, the administration fee is HK$20.

What should I do if I have lost my membership card?

You should notify us immediately by contacting Emperor Cinemas service ambassador or email to enquiry@emperorcinemas.com

What should I do if I have forgotten my membership password?

You may click the “Forgot Password” on member login page and follow the instruction to reset your password.

How can I edit my personal information after registration?

You may edit your personal information on “Profile Page” after member login.

What can I do if I do not want to receive promotional message from Emperor Cinemas?

You may edit the status of “Receive Promotion” to “N” on “Profile Page” after member login.

How to use a Promotion Code during VIP membership registration?

To enjoy a promotional discount on VIP membership registration fee, please ensure you follow below steps to apply a promotion code during registration:

  1. Fill in all required fields of registration form
  2. Enter a valid code in the “Promotion Code” field
  3. Click “Apply Code”
  4. Discounted fee is displayed next to the “Promotion Code” field

How can I renew my VIP membership?

Member can login "e-Membership Card" via website, mobile app or present the e-membership card at concierge to renew VIP membership at HK$100 within 30 days prior to the date of expiry. Member can retain the tokens accumulated in current year to next membership year, enjoy annual membership discount, receive 80 tokens and HK$40 ticket discount coupons. Relevant tokens earned by membership renewal can be used starting from the first day of next membership year.

When will I get my token refund if online ticketing transaction fail?

If online ticketing transaction was not successful, the deducted tokens will be refunded to your member account 30 minutes after online transaction. Member can check the token refund status by comparing the "Current Token" amount at "Token Redeem Ticket" with the "Token Balance" at e-Membership Card.

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