《TENET》Ticket discount details


Cinema reopen offer is NOT applicable to the following movie(s) according to the advice by film owner / distributors:

Below offer(s) remain unchanged:

  1. HSBC Visa Signature Card ticketing and concession offers
  2. Citibank Card ticketing offers^
  3. VIP members $20 ticket discount coupon^
  4. Tokens redeem Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ticket Offer^
  5. Movie Voucher

​Below offer(s) shall be suspended:

  1. "We Miss You" Ticket Offer
  2. VIP Complimentary Ticket
  3. iSQAURE "Beautiful Life" ticketing offer
  4. Complimentary Voucher

Remarks: Surcharge is required for the movie with long duration or special price specified by film distributors.

^Offers are not applicable to IMAX shows and 10-16 SEP 2020 2D shows. VIP members can enjoy 10% OFF and accumulate tokens upon purchase of regular-priced ticket; Citibank cardholders enjoy 20% OFF upon purchase of 16 SEP shows. Member can only redeem buy-1-get-1 free ticket offer with tokens at box office, redemption is not applicable to website, mobile app or ticketing kiosk.

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