The MET: Live in HD

Ariadne auf Naxos (The MET)
199 Minutes
Composer: Richard Strauss
Conductor: Marek Janowski
The exhilarating soprano Lise Davidsen makes her Live in HD debut in one of her signature roles, the mythological Greek heroine of Strauss’s enchanting masterpiece. The outstanding cast for this performance also features mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard as the Composer of the opera-within-an-opera around which the plot revolves, with soprano Brenda Rae as the spirited Zerbinetta and tenor Brandon Jovanovich as Ariadne’s lover, the god Bacchus. Marek Janowski conducts.
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Boris Godunov (The MET)
157 Minutes
Composer: Modest Mussorgsky
Conductor: Sebastian Weigle

Bass René Pape, the world’s reigning Boris, reprises his overwhelming portrayal of the tortured tsar caught between grasping ambition and crippling paranoia, kicking off the Live in HD 2021-22 season. Conductor Sebastian Weigle leads Mussorgsky’s masterwork, a pillar of the Russian repertoire, in its original 1869 version. Stephen Wadsworth’s affecting production poignantly captures the hope and suffering of the Russian people as well as the tsar himself.
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The 17th InDPanda International Film Festival

The 17th InDPanda International Film Festival is back to town. To memorialize the co-founder Henry Chan, and to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the Organiser InD Blue, we especially bring you excellent independent productions by well-known filmmakers and new talents.

The 17th InDPanda International Film Festival is back to town. To memorialize the co-founder Henry Chan, and to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the Organiser InD Blue, we especially bring you excellent independent productions by well-known filmmakers and new talents.
Dark Animations Collection (Annecy Winners 2022) (17th InDPanda)
65 Minutes
8 Annecy winning animations:-
Mom, What's Up With The Dog? - Gwen lives with her parents and her dog. She is a very curious pre-teen, especially when it comes to sexuality.
Persona - The process of being encroached by the persona.
Save Ralph - Follow Ralph, a modest rabbit, throughout a typical day as a product tester in this mockumentary style stop-motion animation.
Reparations - An exploration into the phenomenon of migration, through the fragmentation and modulation of a chair.
Steakhouse - The steak has been marinating for a few days now. The pan is heated. Franc’s stomach is rumbling. But Liza’s co-workers surprise her with a birthday party.
Anxious Body - Living things, artificial things, geometry shapes, and lines. When these different things encounter, a new direction is born.
A Story For 2 Trumpets - An initiatory and intimate story in which the author tells, in the form of a tale.
Intersect - a visual investigation of the interface between the real and virtual world in 5 cha
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K Series (17th InDPanda)
71 Minutes
Including 5 short films:-
Keep in Mind: Father’s Cinema - The boy’s father devoted his life to this old cinema, and now it’s about to be destroyed. For this one last time, the boy and his father watch a film together in this abandoned cinema.
Kidnapped - A trapped picture book writer is going to pay the price for his last night’s reckless acts. Can he escape from his nightmare and mistake?
Kiss - An impossible kiss in an era when physical contact is strictly forbidden. However, in the realm of LGBTQ, everybody desires a passionate kiss from a stranger.
K-POP - Mother and daughter are forced to spend time with each other during the pandemic lockdown in Kaohsiung, which reveals the secret of the generational conflicts. Like mother, like daughter, therefore everybody says so.
Kaohsiung City, Yancheng District, Fubei Rd., No.31 - As a storied apartment complex in Kaohsiung awaits its eventual demolition; its inhabitants teeter on the edge of poverty in an invisible city hidden in plain sig
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Life Is A Moment Story (35th anniversary screening) (17th InDPanda)
91 Minutes
The year 2037 sees a much more advanced world, but people are in general cold and lack affection. After a quarrel with her husband, Luk Yee speeds when she drives and accidentally goes back to the year 1987 through a time channel. There, Yee meets a young entrepreneur, Alex. He helps her to find the way back to the future.
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Moonlight Shadow (17th InDPanda)
92 Minutes
The international bestseller novel Moonlight Shadow by Banana Yoshimoto has been made into a movie. A heart-wrenching love story of 'goodbyes' and 'beginnings'.
Satsuki lost her boyfriend, Hitoshi, in a car accident. Unable to face up to his death, she spends her days unable to sleep properly. Hitoshi had a younger brother Hiiragi, who had also lost his girlfriend Yumiko in an accident. At some point, Satsuki began to jog at dawn as part of her daily routine, and on a bridge she always passes, she meets a mysterious woman named Urara. Urara leads Satsuki and Hitoshi to witness the "Moonlight Shadow Phenomenon", which is said they will meet up with the dead again.
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And The Golden Horse Goes To... (17th InDPanda)
151 Minutes
8 short films:-
Good Day - Chia-chen is turned out by her wife. One day, he sneaks back home to take his golf set.
Night Bus - Late night. A wealthy lady found her necklace stolen. What follows was a series of intriguing turn of events.
Temple of Devilbuster - Tai-bao is the reincarnation of the Devil Star. A-queen is to take on his sins. They try to escape the criminal underworld.
Grand Adventure Railroad - Railroad company offers the rich touring service to go sightseeing in a slum communities.
Gold Fish - A boy with a special talent discovers he may never grow up. Those with power are devouring dreams of everyone else.
Rebel Boy - Students are not allowed to have romantic relationships at school. but Xie Ying-jie still longs for love.
In This Land We’re Briefly Ghosts - A Burmese child soldier imprisoned for deserting battle, is forced to either kill her older brother.
See You, Sir – Yamaha, a cocky juvenile offender, takes Sonny under his wing. Chuan is a quiet and mysterious new a
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Love & Hate Gay Shorts (17th InDPanda)
120 Minutes
Including 6 gay short films:-
Light was sexually assaulted by his stepfather. He was forced to prostitute since then. Shuo was an undercover cop who was trying to reach the drug cartel's boss by working in the tailor shop. Shou provided Light a shelter.
The People You Meet
On a rainy autumn night, two strangers find themselves "lost" in the brightest city in the world and end up on a midnight journey before dawn.
Pool Boy
Austin, a college jock home for the summer, unexpectedly develops feelings for Star, his parents' non-binary pool cleaner.
During a summer day, Tomas sees Benjamin, his crush again. Encouraged by his music he jumps forward to the adventure of first love.
Of Hearts And Castles
A man struggling with a break-up meets another man for a night in Los Angeles that will forever keep them connected.
The Ephemeral
Two strangers meet in a subway car. Both will determine their future in that fleeting, and ephemeral, vital journey that brings them together briefly.
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