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"Looking Back: 12 Years of The MET: Live in HD" Get your tickets now!

"Looking Back: 12 Years of The MET: Live in HD" Get your tickets now!
Agrippina (The MET)
236 Minutes
Composer:George Frideric Handel
Conductor: Harry Bicket

Handel’s breakout opera masterpiece, Agrippina offers a wryly satirical look at the political maneuverings and personal entanglements of the Roman emperor Claudius, his cadre of advisers and hangers-on, and his cunning wife, Agrippina. During the 2019–20 season, the Baroque black comedy had its long-awaited Met premiere in new production by Sir David McVicar that updated the action to the present age. In this Live in HD transmission, mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato delivers a knockout performance of the title role, a woman who will stop at nothing to get her depraved son, Nero (sung by mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey), on the throne. Harry Bicket conducts an exquisite ensemble cast, which also features soprano Brenda Rae in her debut season as Poppea, countertenor Iestyn Davies as Ottone, countertenor Nicholas Tamagna as Narciso, baritone Duncan Rock as Pallante, and bass Matthew Rose as Claudio.
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Porgy and Bess (The MET)
215 Minutes
Composer:The Gershwins'
Conductor: David Robertson

During the 2019–20 season, one of America’s greatest operas returned to the Met stage for the first time in 30 years, with the premiere of James Robinson’s vibrant new production of Porgy and Bess. In this Live in HD transmission, bass-baritone Eric Owens and soprano Angel Blue star in the title roles, headlining a phenomenal ensemble cast. The performance also features soprano Golda Schultz and bass-baritone Donovan Singletary as Clara and Jake, soprano Latonia Moore as Serena, and tenor Frederick Ballentine and bass-baritone Alfred Walker as Sportin’ Life and Crown. And as the community matriarch Maria, veteran mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves delivers a scene-stealing performance. David Robertson conducts this beloved score, which includes a number of melodies that have become classic American standards.
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GEKI x CINE Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre

ROSE & SAMURAI (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
197 Minutes
A woman has thrown herself away for rescuing a country.
A man has picked up a sword to protect a woman.

Time in the 17th century, and place in the Iberian Peninsula.
The master thief of the era Goemon ISHIKAWA (Arata FURUTA) has been rampaging in the Mediterranean Sea as a protector of a female pirate named Anne the Tornado (Yuki AMAMI).

One day, it turns out that Anne is the heir-to-the-throne of a small country. Heard of the corrupt politics in that country after the king’s death, her inborn masculine spirit makes-up her mind to become the Queen of the country.
The first duty as the Queen is to eradicate the pirates. Against her will, she is forced into a fight against Goemon who protected her former comrades.
Godemon, who became suspicious of the series of events, brakes into the castle to steal Anne out.
What Goemon saw there was ……!?
What would be the fate of Goemon and Anne…!!
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Stray Nightingale (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
134 Minutes
JUZABURO (Arata Furuta), known as a chivalrous thief, is one day betrayed by his henchman and his entire gang is slaughtered. The gravely wounded JUZABURO escapes and is saved by Inspector SADAEMON (Ryosuke Otani) and a couple, KANSUKE (Macoto Awane) and OKAYO (Izumi Inamori), who runs a tavern. There, JUZABURO retires from the trade and changes his name to GENZABURO. Few peaceful years goes by, then KANSUKE dies from an illness. GENZABURO helps OKAYO to run the prosperous tavern. One night, a local police chief KATSUNOSUKE (Shunsuke Daitoh) inquires about a bandit named SUNAKICHI (Jun Hashimoto). GENZABURO realizes that KATSUNOSUKE is the son of the man who saved his life years ago. GENZABURO comes up with a plan to repay his debt, but doesn't know what the future holds…
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Asura (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
175 Minutes
Once in Love, one turns into a demon.
Back in the period of Edo, in the capital.
Behind the scenes of what looked like a peaceful time, an everlasting rancor between the human and the demons existed,
A special team of samurai's were gathered to battle the demons, known as the "Onimikado". The captain called Izumo Wakuraba(Somegoro Ichikawa) who was both talented with his sword and voodoo tricks lead the team. But 5 years prior after an incident with the demons, Izumo suddenly disappeared without a trace until he was spotted in a small theatre house called Nanboku. His life makes a turn when a mysterious woman called "Tsubaki" turns up at the theatre house where the two meet.
Thousand years of rancor opens a new door with the awakening of the Queen Demon "Asura". How will the battle end...
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AONORAN (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
142 Minutes
The tale of a woman who loved the breeze!
Soma(Yuki Amami), lived as a fortune teller who was a strong and gentle woman. 10 years ago she was driven out of her country when it was invaded.
Then there is, Kojiro Masakado(Kenichi Matsuyama), clumsy but a pure hearted character.
They meet accidently at festive gathering and fall for each other.
But this turns out to be a roller coaster ride for both their lives.

A man who gave up his identity for his people.
A woman who raised a sword to preserve a mans' soul.
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SHIREN & RAGI (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
173 Minutes
Two souls were drawn to each other without any possible escape from their doomed fates.
It was in an era when the country was divided in the north and the south. A legendary woman "Shiren" (Hiromi NAGASAKU) who was born to a family of assassins.
A young sword fighter "Ragi" (Tatsuya FUJIWARA) who looked up to Shiren with admiration.
News was brought to the north that said the King of the South “Godai”(Katsumi TAKAHASHI) has revived who once was assassinated by Shiren.
Shiren was once again ordered by “kyougoku”(Arata FURUTA), a high-ranking vassal of the North, to assassinate Godai.
Shiren was upset about Godai being still alive whom she believed she had killed. Ragi who sensed Shiren’s distress volunteered to accompany her on the mission.
Shiren's cold heart started to melt by seeing Ragi's determination to be there for and support her.
Finally the moment to attack Godai comes.
It was the moment when an astonishing truth was revealed to the two who had shared their love by that time.
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GOEMON ROCK 3 - ZIPANG PUNK (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
183 Minutes
Sought-after is the treasure hidden in ZIPANG…
In an era of glory established by Tycoon HIDEOYOSHI—
The indomitable great thief GOEMON (Arata FURUTA) conspires with Cat's Eye GIN (Yu AOI) to steal "the statue of the Golden Eye" associated with KUKAI (monk, founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism).
However, AKECHI SHINKURO(Haruma MIURA), a young up-and-coming detective working for the government, pushes GOEMON and his comrades to the corner. It is rumored that the statue carries an encrypted message revealing the location of the treasure hidden by KUKAI.
A bunch of crooks are drawn into a whirl created by GOEMON.
TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI, and his right-hand men ISHIDA MITSUNARI & MAEDA KEIJIRO , who happened to learn about the hidden treasure.
Even from overseas are coming the archrival MARRONE d' AVANTGARDE, and Prince CHARLES of BOSCOGNE, who sides with GOEMON.

And one last man, HACHIGAYA ZENBEI, a totally corrupted and evil-natured wealthy merchant of SAKAI, joins to nail the deal.
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