Royal Opera House – Opera and Ballet

Experience the spellbinding performances from the Royal Opera House 2020 spring and summer season exclusively in Emperor Cinemas Entertainment Building and iSQUARE – perfect for both opera and ballet newbie as well as enthusiast!

Experience the spellbinding performances from the Royal Opera House 2020 spring and summer season exclusively in Emperor Cinemas Entertainment Building and iSQUARE – perfect for both opera and ballet newbie as well as enthusiast!
The Cellist/Dances at a Gathering (The Royal Ballet)
160 Minutes
The Telegraph ★★★★★ "a heartbreaking love letter to Jacqueline du Pré and the magic of music"
The Guardian ★★★★ "a powerfully affecting ballet"

The Cellist is inspired by the life and career of cellist Jacqueline du Pré and is choreographer Cathy Marston’s first main-stage work for The Royal Ballet. The piece will be performed by stars of The Royal Ballet including Principals Lauren Cuthbertson and Matthew Ball and Soloist Calvin Richardson. This new ballet is paired with Dances at Gathering, by five-times Tony Award-winner and celebrated Broadway choreographer Jerome Robbins. This fabulous ballet makes a welcome return to The Royal Ballet after a long absence from its repertory. Dances at Gathering demonstrates the elegance and grace of five couples who dance in unison to Chopin’s ravishing score.
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The Nutcracker (The Royal Ballet)
160 Minutes
The Guardian ★★★★★ "in every sense a delight"
The Independent ★★★★ "gorgeous dancing and impressive production"

A firm family favourite with Tchaikovsky’s mesmerizing score, a Christmas tree that magically grows, a battle between toy soldiers and an Army of Mice, and the famous role of the Sugar Plum Fairy danced by Royal Ballet Principal Sarah Lamb with her Prince, Principal dancer Steven McRae, this event presented by Darcey Bussell is not to be missed.
Peter Wright’s enchanting production tells the story of Clara, danced by Royal Ballet Principal Francesca Hayward, whose Christmas is transformed by a visit from Drosselmeyer, a mysterious magician and maker of magical toys. Drosselmeyer longs to break a curse that has turned his nephew, danced by Australian Principal Alexander Campbell, into a nutcracker doll.
Matched with exquisite designs and world-famous melodies, this production of The Nutcracker has enthralled audiences for over 30 years since its opening in 1984.
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The Sleeping Beauty (The Royal Ballet)
180 Minutes
The Guardian ★★★★ "The Royal Ballet take your breath away"
The Stage ★★★★★ “Excellent revival of a cherished classic”
The Independent "Revival of this very human ballet has a new energy"

The Royal Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty, originally choreographed by Marius Petipa, also features sections containing choreography by Frederick Ashton, Anthony Dowell and Christopher Wheeldon. Cinema audiences will be treated to a fantastic cast featuring Principal Lauren Cuthbertson as Princess Aurora and Principal Federico Bonelli as Prince Florimund. The Sleeping Beauty features some of ballet’s most celebrated numbers including the iconic Rose Adage, the Garland Waltz and the Vision Pas de deux. The ballet’s beautiful music is by Tchaikovsky.
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Concerto/ Enigma Variations/ Raymonda Act III (The Royal Ballet)
190 Minutes
The Independent ★★★★ "A sunlit and sparkling triple bill with a touch of autumnal warmth"
The Times ★★★★ "palatial designs and extravagantly gorgeous choreography"
The Stage ★★★★ "Vibrantly danced triple bill"

From The Royal Ballet’s classical origins in the works of Marius Petipa, to the home-grown choreographers who put British ballet on the world stage, this mixed programme highlights the versatility of the Company. Petipa’s Raymonda Act III is Russian classical ballet summarized in one act, full of sparkle and precise technique, while Ashton’s Enigma Variations is quintessentially British in every way – from its score by Elgar and period designs by Julia Trevelyan Oman, to Ashton’s signature style, the essence of British ballet. Concerto, MacMillan’s fusion of classical technique with a contemporary mind, completes a programme that shows the breadth of The Royal Ballet’s heritage.
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Coppelia (The Royal Ballet)
177 Minutes
Time Out ★★★★ ‘You’ll leave with a smile on your face’
The Evening Standard ★★★★ ‘Crisp dance and sharp comedy’

Charming and funny, Coppélia tells a story of love, mischief and mechanical dolls. The ballet was choreographed by the founder of The Royal Ballet, Dame Ninette de Valois. The intricate choreography is set to Delibes’ delightful score and shows off the technical precision and comedic timing of the whole Company. Osbert Lancaster’s designs bring a colourful storybook world to life in this delight for the whole family.
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Don Pasquale (The Royal Opera)
178 Minutes
The TIMES ★★★★★ ‘You won’t see anything funnier in an opera house’
The Financial Times ★★★★ ‘The bass-baritone excels’

Royal Opera favourite Bryn Terfel heads the cast for this new production of Donizetti’s comedy of domestic drama across two generations. The witty story of a middle-aged man whose supposed young wife runs rings around him – with her own ulterior romantic purpose in mind – has long delighted and surprised audiences, not least as presented with the sparkle of its music and the virtuoso skill of its performers. Damiano Michieletto’s exhilarating production shows how contemporary the characters still are and how immediate and touching the story remains.
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GEKI x CINE Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre

ROSE & SAMURAI (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
197 Minutes
A woman has thrown herself away for rescuing a country.
A man has picked up a sword to protect a woman.

Time in the 17th century, and place in the Iberian Peninsula.
The master thief of the era Goemon ISHIKAWA (Arata FURUTA) has been rampaging in the Mediterranean Sea as a protector of a female pirate named Anne the Tornado (Yuki AMAMI).

One day, it turns out that Anne is the heir-to-the-throne of a small country. Heard of the corrupt politics in that country after the king’s death, her inborn masculine spirit makes-up her mind to become the Queen of the country.
The first duty as the Queen is to eradicate the pirates. Against her will, she is forced into a fight against Goemon who protected her former comrades.
Godemon, who became suspicious of the series of events, brakes into the castle to steal Anne out.
What Goemon saw there was ……!?
What would be the fate of Goemon and Anne…!!
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BANYUKI (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
182 Minutes
Once upon a time.
A story of an island country named Horai that was finally about to be integrated under one political administration.

Domon DATE, an innocent man confined in a prison island.
After 10 years of imprisonment, he kept his sanity by dreaming of retaliating against those who framed him up.
He breaks the prison with the help of a man incarcerated in the deepest corner of the prison island. The man identified himself as Saji. His steady road to revenge was obstructed by a woman named Mikoto, the once fiancée of his.

Can Domon get his revenge?
Who is the man who identified himself as Saji?
What are the hidden thoughts of Mikoto?
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SEVEN SOULS IN THE SKULL CASTLE (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
177 Minutes
In 1590, after the demise of warlord Nobunaga ODA, Japan was about to be unified by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.
However, there was one man in Kanto region that was defiant to it.
TenmaOh (Mirai MORIYAMA) leads the KANTO DOKURO-TO, an armed group hiding in the pitch-black DOKURO-JO (skull castle), once worked for NOBUNAGA.
Sutenosuke (Shun OGURI) happens to rescue a woman who has been chased by the KANTO DOKURO-TO, which was headed by the bloodthirsty madman TenmaOh. To hide and shelter the woman, Sutenosuke meets MUKAIYA RANBE (Taichi SAOTOME) at a brothel district. Manipulated by magical fate, people start to congregate in the Kanto region. When the shared past between Sutenosuke and RANBE, and the relation to TenmaOh come to light, it is also the time when the dark ambition of TenmaOh is about to be revealed. Without regrets, Sutenosuke heads for the DOKURO-JO, which is surrounded by 20,000 soldiers, to destroy it and stop TenmaOh’s dark ambition with just seven souls.
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AONORAN (Gekidan Shinkansen Theatre)
142 Minutes
The tale of a woman who loved the breeze!
Soma(Yuki Amami), lived as a fortune teller who was a strong and gentle woman. 10 years ago she was driven out of her country when it was invaded.
Then there is, Kojiro Masakado(Kenichi Matsuyama), clumsy but a pure hearted character.
They meet accidently at festive gathering and fall for each other.
But this turns out to be a roller coaster ride for both their lives.

A man who gave up his identity for his people.
A woman who raised a sword to preserve a mans' soul.
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