【MO】BOC Macau App ‘BOC Friday’ Event


BOC Macau App‘BOC Friday’Event

‘BOC Friday’ Event is an exclusive post-consumer lucky draw event organized by Bank of China (Macau) Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Our bank") every Friday. During the event, users can automatically participate in the lucky draw every Friday by using BOC App in the stores of the merchants that have opened the ‘BOC Pay’ service in Macau with an actual payment amount of MOP50 or above.

1. Promotion Period: Every Friday between January 5, 2024 to February 2, 2024 (depending on the merchant's business hours by the users selected)

2. Eligible Customers: All the BOC Macau App users

3. Applicable Merchants: Macau merchant establishments with ‘BOC Pay’ service

4. Event Details: During the event period, users can automatically participate in the lucky draw every Friday by using BOC App in the stores of the merchants that have opened the ‘BOC Pay’ service in Macau with an actual payment amount of MOP50 or above. Each user can participate once every Friday. Offers are contingent to the applicable terms and conditions, the quantity of gifts is limited, first come first served, until all are given out.

5. Promotion terms and conditions

(1) Each BOC Macau App user can receive it once every Friday. This event is not 100% winning, and the number of prizes is limited.

(2) The number of lucky draws that the user obtains every Friday is valid on the same day. The user must use the number of lucky draws that he/she has obtained on that day. The unused lucky draws that have expired will be cleared on the next day (every Saturday at 00:00:00).

(3) Users can enter the lottery page through the designated Banner on the BOC Macau App main page.

(4) Before using the BOC discount coupon, the balance in the bank account must be greater than the actual payment amount.

(5) Each actual payment consumption is limited to using 1 discount coupon. When consuming at offline applicable merchants ‘BOC Pay’ POS machine / online merchants through ‘BOC Macau App’ payment channel, the system automatically deducts, and cannot be stacked with other discount coupons.

(6) In this event, all the BOC Macau App consumption only refer to the payment through the QR code pay of ‘Payment’ in BOC Macau App/ ‘Scan’ function in the applicable merchant ‘BOC Pay’ QR code or POS machine. Other payment behaviors (such as UnionPay QR code, NUCC Mainland payment, government agency payment, etc.) are not included in the calculation conditions of the activity.

(7) The coupons can be checked in ‘Profile’ / ‘Payment’ page ‘My Coupon Codes’ in BOC Macau App. Overdue redemption will be considered as giving up the prizes. Our bank reserves the right to decide ultimately how to handle the BOC coupon.

(8) To confirm the identity of the winner, our bank has the right to ask the winner to show the relevant account of BOC Macau App or relevant proof documents for verification. Our bank also has the right to record the name and/or the relevant account number of BOC Macau App for record keeping purposes.

(9) Our bank is not responsible for any loss caused by the users inability to participate in the event or use the coupon due to sudden failure of communication or receiving equipment, any communication or technical problems of any telecommunications company, other third-party failures, merchant own reasons leading to data not being uploaded, accidents and other force majeure reasons affecting the operation of this event.

(10) Users agree to exempt our bank from any injury, loss, claim, lawsuit and other legal liabilities caused by participating in this event.

(11)  If our bank finds any actual or suspicious evidence showing that users use or instruct others to use improper, unreasonable or fraudulent methods to interfere with this event, cause technical difficulties or failures, or users steal other peoples’ personal data to participate in the event, or make any harmful, destructive, affecting this event behavior, our bank has the right to cancel the participant’s event participation qualification and revoke all rewards related to the event, and reserves the right to pursue.

(12) Our bank reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this event or terminate this event without prior notice and without any liability.

(13) If users have any inquiries about the event content, please call the hotline (853)888 95566.

(14) In case of any dispute, our bank reserves the final interpretation and decision of this event.

6.Terms and conditions for Event prize:

Usage instructions for Macau Emperor Cinema movie ticket BOC Coupon

 (1) This coupon is valid from January 5 until February 29, 2024.

 (2) This coupon can be used at the box office and snack bar of Macau Emperor Cinema (Lisboeta Macau).

 (3) The actual payment amount can be used when the actual payment amount reaches MOP85.01 by BOC Macau App automatically.

(4) This coupon cannot be refund, exchanged for cash or resold and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

(5) Emperor Cinema reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without prior notice, the decision of Emperor Cinemas shall be final.


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