Germagic Thyme is used at all cinemas


We proactively sanitize all cinemas’ area including lobby, theatres, concierge, kiosks, concession counter and toilets by applying GERMAGIC™ THYME with an effective period of up to 90 days.

Researched and developed by HKUST, the essence of new coating technology lies with the creation of surface moieties that actively disrupts the microbial envelope and biomolecules, rendering the microorganisms nonviable upon contact. The coating also prevents microbial adhesion on the surface and thus keeping it clean from microbial contaminants. Using a special blend of antimicrobial polymers, the new coating effectively kills up to 99.99 per cent of bacteria and viruses through contact killing and anti-adhesion technology.

  • ● Tested in Australia, Japan, Eurofins International Testing Centre
  • ● Meet US EPA requirement in non-enveloped viruses removal efficacy
  • ● Verified Hong Kong eco mark product


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